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What you get

ICC number that allows you to transport passengers in Inter State Commerce
USDOT number.
Regitered Agent (BOC3)
Single State Insurance Filing (SSIRP)
Federal Employer Tax ID Number (optional) (required for partnerships or Corporations)
Enrollment in an approved Drug Testing Program (Required if you are not filing for California PUC.

What you need

  1. Company information sheet
  2. Signed authorization sheet for American Trans-Data Corp to act as your agent
  3. Incorporation prior to filing the application (this is only required if you are planning on incorporating and is important that it is completed prior to filing the application or you will need to start the process and pay fees again when Corporation is fumed).
  4. Liability insurance on file with the ICC in the amount of $5.000,000.00 if you will operate any vehicle in your fleet with a seating capacity of 15 or more passengers or 1,500,000.00 if you will only operate vehicles with less than 15 passengers (BMC-91 or BMC-91X on file with the ICC)

How long before we can operate

You will receive your ICC/USDOT numbers in two to five days at that time you will need to have your insurance company file a BMC-91 or Bmc-91X.  Once the insurance is on file it can take another ten to fifteen days for the authority to be granted. 

When must we renew the Authority

As long as you keep insurance and a registered agent on file with the ICC the Authority never expires.  You must fill out an MCS-150 for the USDOT every two years (no fee).

Is there a temporary Authority

No you must not operate in interstate commerce until you have been granted authority.

What is the cost



Processing Fee (American Trans Data)






Registered Agent Service


Set up S.S.I.R.P Account


Additional States on S.S.I.R.P Account

Call ATDC for Quote

Total Fees Due


ICC drug testing program enrollment not required for companies registered with California PUC

Enroll in Drug testing program (employee drivers)


Enroll in Drug testing program (Owner/Operator)



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